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VetJam 2020

IS Virtual

Purpose: According to the most recent stat's published by the VA 16 veterans a day commit suicide. Of those 16; 12 are not receiving any treatment. This program began 13 months ago because veterans in our community had no local option for counseling. The American Legion stepped up and partnered with Higher Hopes Counseling to offer a local counseling option for veterans and their families that are suffering with PTSD

What is VetJam 2020? VetJam is a musical fundraiser. We will have live music, food, auction, raffles, drinks and more
What have we accomplished? Since the Program began we have paid for 150 counseling sessions. That's over $6,000 in free counseling!!! These veterans and their families have received treatment that they otherwise would not have received.
Why are we doing this? As veterans we are tired of seeing our fellow comrades take their own lives. Our post wants to provide real solutions to prevent veteran suicides in our community. The statistics show veterans who are receiving treatment are less likely to commit suicide.
What can you do? We need your support. If you own a business we need you to support the cause. We have numerous sponsorship opportunities available. If you are individual or musical act come out to the event and support the cause.  

VetJam 2019 Photo Gallery

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