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Post Commander: Dan Smith 214-577-5977
Post Commander is responsible for the overall well-being of the post members. He is responsible for empowering his officers and ensuring they have the tools necessary to do their jobs.

1st Vice Commander:  Jim Watson 214-326-1206
The Vice Commander is in charge of Membership and our programs. They ensure that the post has activities to participate in and conducts membership drives.

2nd Vice Commander: Hayde Spencer 903-513-1168
Responsible for ensuring our post programs fit the needs of our veterans and the community. Maintains the post calendar of events

Post Adjutant: Fred Statton 214-288-4480
The post adjutant is responsible for maintaining the meeting minutes, submitting our post reports to the State and also ensuring that membership transmittal is submitted to the state.

Finance Officer: Joe Drapalik 469-853-7943
Finance Officer is responsible for the financial health of the post. The Finance Officer also leads the fundraising efforts for the post.

Judge Advocate: Rosa Ortega 214-926-5205
The Judge Advocate ensures that we operated our post according to the Constitution and By-Laws. 

Service Officer: Steve Lowes 469-408-0428 
The Service Officer is responsible for assisting our veterans and ensuring they have their needs taken care of. Services can include anything from assistance with groceries to assisting veterans to get their disability claims filed.

Post Chaplain: Dave Frierson 972-757-5098
Post Chaplain is responsible for ensuring the spiritual health of its members is taken care of.

Sergeant at Arms: Harry Campbell 903-814-6925
Sergeant at Arms is the master of ceremonies, they are responsible for posting the colors at the meetings and assist with numerous other ceremonies.

Post Historian: Steve Manak 210-347-9230
Post-Historian is responsible for documenting and maintaining the post history.

Executive Board: Ernie Bowman, Herb Raff
The Executive Board presides over any disciplinary hearings and if we have employees they are responsible for the hiring and firing of the employees.

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