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Post 100 Mission

Helping the Homeless

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The Mission of the Homeless Committee is quite simple: "We want to bridge the gap from homelessness to their future".

The Purpose is to assist homeless people transition their life from the streets to being productive citizens. This is done through the hard work of our post and the numerous partnerships we have created with other organization

Services Offered

1. Treatment facilities when needed

2. Transitional housing 

3. Food

4. Supplies such as hygiene products 

4. Household goods and supplies 

5. Long term job training programs such a cdl and trade training with the help of our service officer.

6. Access to dd214 

7. Guide to accessing the VA to apply for benefits (we do not apply for them but get them to the right people)

8. Help applying for state benefits such as food stamps, housing etc.

Success Stories

The Homeless Committee assisted a veteran and his wife transition into permanent housing where they have been for the last 6 weeks and have stable jobs now.  


Provided job cdl job training for one man that has since started his job and is moving into an apartment, we supplied him with a bed, couch, tv and household supplies like pots pans dishes etc.


The Committee helped a female veteran that left an abusive husband with house hold items since she left and came back to Texas with nothing. We provided her her with $400 of household furniture and house supplies.


The Homeless committee provided a transitional housing facility with canned goods a deep freezer full of food, 2 queen beds, sheets, blankets, towels and hygiene products. 


Due to a generous donation we where able to clear up a warrant for a homeless veteran so he could get his ID.


Provided a veteran family who was able to secure a home with complete bedroom, living room and dining room furniture valued at over $1,400.


The committee has provided gift cards to for food to homeless veterans we encounter on the streets 


The committee assisted a woman who was almost a victim of a sex trafficking ring get back safely to her family in Houston. She came here under false circumstances of a promised job, when she got to Dallas it ended up being a escort service that covered for prostitution. This was verified but she spent all her money to get here, so the committee helped her with gas money to get back to her mom and kids, we found her sleeping in her car at Walmart. 


The Homeless committee helped a homeless women reunite with her family out of state where she is now doing well and receiving therapy for PTSD.


The Committee  aided another woman(not a vet) into transitional housing and drug treatment where she had been for 2 months now and is doing well.

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